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We have tried to gather as many answers to your questions as possible. If you do not see your answer below please use the "Message Us" button below and text us or feel free to contact us by email or phone.

How much is it to rent a display?

All displays are priced as marked. Event and birthday displays are all $80. You may upgrade to a premium package for an additional $40. 

What comes with the Standard Rental?

Standard rentals come with the theme items you pick out, Happy Birthday (Congratulations, Welcome etc) sign, 1 name, age (if requested), approx. 10-15 balloons, stars, gift boxes (if appropriate) and 3-5 pieces of custom flair from the info form you fill out. 

What is a Premium Package & Why Is It More?

Premium packages come with 40-50 pieces of flair & are typically 6ft high. They also can include a 2nd name or phrase. The flair pieces can be any combination of custom pieces, balloons, gifts, theme pieces etc.  In addition, they will include either oversized numbers, an oversized cake or other extra large flair item. (Oversized pieces are over 40in. tall.)  They are guaranteed to WOW your recipient!

How long is my rental for?

Each rental is for 24 hours. Typically we will drop off between 7-9pm and pick up between 7-9pm the next night. If your person has a birthday on 10.2 (for example), you will want to reserve 10.1-10.2.  Extra nights are available for $40 per night.

Can I customize it if I dont see a theme I like?

Absolutely! We offer custom options for all events. We also work with local vendors to ensure we are able to pick up your items on time for your event. Let us know what you had in mind and our design pros will get to work for you! There is no extra charge to customize the theme. (*Some designs may require a premium rental. Just check with us and we will help make sure the design and budget are what you have in mind.)

What if I see more than 1 design I like?

Sometimes it's hard to decide! Just let us know and we will find a way to combine the design to get the right look!

Do signs come with a spotlight?

All signs come spotlights.  You will never pay extra to have lights on your sign at night.

What if I get the address wrong?

We will always do a final email check with you to confirm your address. In the event you get the address wrong, CYCC will not issue a refund. We are happy to move the sign to a new location however there will be a $50 charge for the move due to the time and gas involved.

Can I mow my grass while the sign is up.

We ask you to not mow your grass while the sign is up. The debris can be very time consuming to clean off the signs. Also, rocks and dirt kicked up by your mower can damage the signs. Please wait until the sign is down to mow.

What if it rains?

All signs are water proof. They will not be ruined in the rain. In the event of a severe storm with high winds, we will contact you to come and take the sign down. Please do not take the sign down on your own. If you have any concerns, contact us for help. We do not issue refunds for mother nature.

Can I tie balloons to my sign?

No, please do not tie balloons to the sign. If they catch some wind, they can potentially pull the sign down. Balloons look amazing on your mailbox! We recommend you tie them there.

Can you set up a sign indoors?

Yes. We do have stands and are able to set up a sign indoors for special occasions. We will need to know ceiling height and approx. area that will will have available to us for the sign.

Can I get a sign for twins or a double birthday?

Yes! Signs can be built with 2 names. The 2nd name is an additional $25 to add to the sign price or it is free if you have chosen to upgrade to the premium package.

What happens if something gets stolen or damaged?

The person renting the sign is responsible for the safety of the sign. In the event a sign is damaged or stolen, the person renting the sign will be charged accordingly. All replacement fees are posted on our Terms & Conditions page as well as in our Terms at checkout.

What if I want to add a day on to my rental?

Extra days are available at a fee of $40 per extra day. Please let us know NO LATER THAN the night your sign is set up that you would like an extra day. 

Can I move my sign?

No, please do not move your sign on your own. If there is an issue or you need the sign removed, please text, email or call us. If it is an emergency, please do all three. We are always here to help. Moving the sign can cause damage and result in fees being charged to the renter. We never want that so please, reach out to us if you need your sign moved.