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Get Elf’d

My kids are older. The elf is amusing, watching mom try to remember him is more amusing. But I rememebr how much fun it was to watch their reaction each day when it was time to find him. Whether you are an Elf Family or not, the magic of the holidays is never far away!

This year, Creative Yard Cards Charlotte is offering a “Get Elf’d” package. Each package comes with the elf set up, complete with a photo frame, Candy Canes for your little ones and a visit from our friend “Photo Elf”.

Photo Elf is a magical little guy. Unlike your elf who can’t be touched, Photo Elf LOVES to be loved on! He wants you to pick him up, take LOTS of photos and then return him to his pouch so he can go and visit someone new!

The best part of our “Get Elf’d” package? It’s only $39 and $10 from every rental is being set aside for gifts from an angel tree! We will be updating this blog page with our standings. As it is being written, we have raised $40 for our angel tree! We have a big goal and would love to have your help to get there.

Schedule your visit with Photo Elf and his magical photo frame today. We can’t wait for you to meet him!

Money Raised as of 11/26/21: $40

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