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Refund and Returns Policy

Rental and Refund  Policies

By placing your order with Creative Yard Cards Charlotte, you are accepting all rental and refund policies. You are responsible for all policies whether you read them or not, so please pay close attention to all policies and how they will affect you. All signs are for rental only unless stated “For Sale” and are property of Creative Yard Cards of Charlotte.

Please be aware that our lawn display needs a grassy area for display. If you do not have a grassy area, please let Creative Yard Cards of Charlotte know so that we can make proper accomodations for your order. We do have accomodations available for areas without grass or indoor areas.

  1. Payment is required at the time of booking. Unpaid appointments will be cancelled.
  2. Missing, stolen, damaged, or moved lawn display signs, including metal stakes and sign holders will be charged to the renter per the fee schedule at the end of this contract.
  3. Please leave the display out (where it was set up) so that we may pick it up without someone being home. If you would like the display picked up early, please call us immediately. Signs may not be moved to an alternate location. DO NOT MOVE SIGNS.
  4. We ask that you treat your sign with respect. Please do not move items. Do not allow anyone, especially children, to play on the lawn greeting display signs. Our display items will not safely support the weight of a child or adult leaning, sitting or playing on it. The signs are made of coroplast plastic and will not hold weight. Please ask all others not to sit or play around the signs.
  5. If for some reason you would prefer to have your sign taken down earlier than the scheduled time, please call our office at (704) 268-9722. If no one picks up, please leave us a message and we will be in contact within 2 hours to arrange a new pick up time.
  6. Do not throw the lawn display items in the garbage or vandalize our signs. The person who rented these signs will be charged for them.
  7. Please protect our inventory from any damage that might be caused from flying debris from lawnmowers, animals, weed eaters etc. Contact with weed eaters/strings may cause damage to the signs and the renter will be charged.
  8. Please have your grass cut before our crew arrives to set up your display. Full retail price will be billed to the renter in the unlikely event of any damage sustained during the rental period.
  9. Please do not attach balloons to any part of our display. Balloons get hot in the sun. If a hot balloon blows against our signs, they could become damaged. If melted, mylar or balloon material has damaged any part of the inventory, the renter will be charged for the full replacement value.
  10. We encourage you to post next to your display for photos! However, please do not pull up any signs from the ground or move them to use for photos or as photo props. Please do not rearrange the display.
  11. Creative Yard Cards Charlotte and all representatives are not responsible for or liable for any injury or damage to any person or personal property during the rental time period. This includes any damage incurred to the signs while on your property during the rental period, holes put into the grass/ground or damage to underground sprinkler systems, etc.
  12. Creative Yard Cards Charlotte is not responsible for any local city ordinances or HOA lawn violations for lawn greeting sign displays placed in the yard during the rental period. Please check with your city hall for lawn decoration ordinances.


Refund Policy

All cancellations must be made atleast 72 hours in advance to the date. A full refund will be issued if client does not reschedule. Refunds will be issued within 30 days of event. In the event of inclement weather, we are not able to set up any lawn displays. If this occurs, we will issue a full refund. Inclement weather includes lightning, severe thunderstorms, snow storms, frozen ground, ice, high wind and any other weather problems that would place us or our display in harms way.

NO REFUNDS will be given due to the client giving us the incorrect address or no address posted on the house. We want to make sure the correct house gets the correct display the first time. An additional fee of $50 will be charged if we have to move the display due to an incorrect address.

NO REFUNDS will be given due to the homeowner requesting us to remove the lawn display.

NO REFUNDS will be given due to any animals (ex:dogs loose in the yard) that prevent the display from being set up.

NO REFUNDS will be given due to denied access to a gated community. Please advise us if it is a gated community before the rental date. Gate access will need to be provided.

Fee Schedule

$30 for missing /damaged/stolen sign/advertisement signs including but not limited to smiley faces, grad decor, animals, balloons, stars, sports items, letters, flamingos, traffis signs, wands, theme flair etc.

$70 for large sign decor such as but not limited to cakes, balloon bundle, large sign etc.

$150 per flash sign.

$25 per moved or removed sign. (Signs should never be moved.)

$10 for missing or damaged stakes.

Creative Yard Cards Charlotte has the right to refuse service at any time for any reason. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Thank you for choosing Creative Yard Cards of Charlotte.

Contact number: (704) 268-9722