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Ross Casino Night Balloon Decor Final Payment



Creative Yard Cards Charlotte is being contracted to provide casino balloon decor for Ross Casino Night.

Event will take place at the Dairy Barn. CYCC will provide decor as follows:

Venue entrance, this will be outside and thinking we can have a sign that reads either “Casino Day” or “Ross” 

  • Main entrance to the seated dinner area
  1. Either an arch or two separate pillars that are larger in size to the “C” pillars and complement each other in design/color – I would go with the 1 large arch. I think that will be the best from an esthetics perspective. 
  1. 3 points of entry to the outdoor tent area / balloon pillars on each side of the door , complementing the large arrangement over “B” main entrance to dinner area – 6 Columns Total
  2. 9 tables / balloon arrangements for these tables.


Ross has until 12 days prior to the event to submit any additions or changes.

Total Package price: $1000  – Less $500 deposit leaves a balance of $500 due.

Payment may be made by Venmo, Credit Card, Cash App or Zelle and received by December 1, 2022.

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