The 2023-2024 Packages Have Closed.

If you are in need for multiple signs for your school, please check out our Spirit Package. It has been designed to get you through the end of the school year.

Thank you all for making this a successful program! We look forwrd to bringing this program back for 2024-2025!

2023-2024 School Year Sign & Balloon Package

This year we are SUPER excited to announce a SPECIAL OFFER for schools!

The offer includes:

8 Signs to be Used as You See Fit!

Here are a few events we suggest - but the choice is all yours!

- Welcome Back to School Sign (1 Day Sign Rental)

- Principal's Day SIgn (1 Day Sign Rental)

- 100 Days of School Sign (1 Day Sign Rental)

- Teacher Appreciation Sign (1 Week)

- Graduation/Promotion Sign (1 Week Sign Rental)

- Field Day Sign (1 Day Rental)

- Homecoming

- School Festivals

- Theater / School Plays

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

BONUS: 1 9ft Balloon arch to be used for any event at any point in the year when you confirm your booking for the 2023-2024 school year.

BONUS 2: Your school logo or mascot created in a sign that will be included in every sign we do for you.


My goal was to celebrate with the schools all year long! So we have tried to put a pricing package together that took into consideration PTA Budget and needs.

This Special Offer is only (1) $250 payment + $500 in inkind sponsorship credit (however that fits into your sponsorship levels). We realize all schools are set up differently and are flexible to your plans and your needs.

Some sponsorships we suggest: Logo on Website, Flyers in Friday Flyers, Fence Signs. Just let us know what works with your school.

The actual value of all of the signs (at our special education rate) is $1025 without the arch and logo and $1350 with the bonus arch and logo sign.

We have added a customization form to our site. It's OK if you don't know all of your dates and info now. (Just add TBD to those fields.) We have purposely kept this package flexible to work with your needs.

Need help deciding how you will use the package? Photos below are a few examples. We have more! You can always visit our instqagram for a full gallery of all of our work!

  • Luau Dance

  • Luau Arch

  • Kinder Grad

  • Polo Ridge Arch

  • Our Principal Rocks

  • Color Arches

  • Pre-School Back to School

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Graduation

  • Special Birthdays

  • Weddington Christian Academy

  • Indian Trail Elementary Balloons

  • Pitts School Road Panthers

  • Special Events

  • Marvin Elementary Back to School

  • Boger Elementary Beacons

  • Ballantyne Elementary

  • Shiloh Baptist Church Pre-School

  • St Ann's Saints

  • Ballantyne Elem 100 Days

  • Bus Driver Appreciation

  • Fun Run

  • Marvin 100 Days

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Welcome:

    Boger Elementary

    Cox Mill Elementary

    O'Dell Primary

    WM Irvin Elementary

    Pitts School Road Elementary

  • Welcome:

    Rea View Elementary

    Marvin Elementary

    Kensington Elementary

    Union Day Academy

    Park Wood High School

  • Welcome:

    Albemarle Road Elementary

    Weddington Christian Academy

    Indian Trail Elementary

    St. Ann's Saints