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Creative Yard Cards Charlotte

2024-2025 Sign and Balloon Special for Schools

2024-2025 Sign and Balloon Special for Schools

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We are so EXCITED to bring our School Year Offer back for another year!  The offer includes a 12 month Yard Sign and Balloon Plan complete with:

- 8 Yard Signs to be used as you see fit.
- 1 Balloon Arch

BONUS: Your school logo or mascot created in a sign that will be included in every sign we do for you. 


My goal was to celebrate with the schools all year long! So we have tried to put a pricing package together that took into consideration PTA Budget and needs. This Special Offer is only (1) $295 payment if purchased by the end of the 2023-2024 school year. Beginning August 1, 2024, the price will raise to $350. The actual value of all of the signs (at our special education rate) is $1025 without the arch and logo and $1350 with the bonus arch and logo sign.

New in 2024-2025:

- Afraid you won't use all your signs? Maybe you have an unexpected special event! Trade ANY sign for a Balloon Arch for a $75 Upgrade fee

- Need more signs? Add additional signs to your package AT ANY TIME for only $50 per sign.

- Add Additional balloon arches to your packages AT ANY TIME for only $99 without losing any of your signs.

- Need a Donuts for Dad, Muffins for Mom or Senior Sunrise Set Up? Add them on as a weekly/or monthly drop off addition for a 1 time upgrade free of only $65 (Covers the entire series.)

- Sponsorship - We know that not every school has developed sponsorship programs. We do ask for you to please tag us on your photos and mention us on your website as you see fit.  We are no longer requiring a sponsorship agreement.

- Accountability - 2023/2024 was our first year to operate this program. We learned ALOT and thank all of the schools that signed up for our inaugural year.  One of the things we learned is that there should be a shared level of accountability.  While we do not offer full refunds on this program, we are offering compensation for any missed event.  We want you to know we take your time and your events seriously. If for any reason (outside of weather or natural disaster) a sign or balloons must be cancelled by Creative Yard Cards Charlotte, we are adding a $33 donation back to the PTA/PTO.  It's never our intent to have to resort to this but we take your partnership seriously and want you to know there is accountabilty built into our contract. 

Schools & Community Agencies we have worked with in the past:

Fairfield Elementary
Rea View Elementary
Kensington Elementary
Waxhaw Elementary
Marvin Ridge Middle Schooln
Weddington Christian Academy
Novant Hospital Preferred Vendor
Mecklenburg Sheriff's Office
and More!

We look forward to celebrating the 2024-2025 year with you!
Questions? Feel free to hit the chat bot and discuss or email for help.

*All photos are past work. Each sign will be customized  your school. 

Please fill out our customization form before checking out. If you do not know an answer you can put "Please help" or "N/A" - For more school photos click onto the 2023/2024 school packages page or visit our instagram for photos of all our work.

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